PDiCRM for Sage 50cloud Accounting is a fully integrated application that links directly to your Sage 50cloud Accounting companies.

View and maintain your customer, supplier, and prospect information directly within PDiCRM. Create multiple tasks linked to definable tasks that can include triggers to send emails or even post information to Slack channels, recurring events.

Create sales opportunities with multiple different document layouts based on your business requirements, create tasks and follow-ups. Convert completed sales opportunities into Sage 50cloud Accounting Sales orders or invoices all from a single click.

View all your customer and supplier document history and reprint documents if required.

All this from a single application that links directly to the Sage 50cloud Accounting company data, no import or export of Sage 50cloud Accounting data, it is all live.

PDiCRM for Sage 50cloud Accounting gives you this and so much more…

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Exporting the Sage 50cloud Accounting trial balance monthly and then creating your financial spreadsheet.. WHY.

Using a preformed template that you can not change without advanced Excel knowledge… WHY.

PaXcel contains Excel formulas that you place where you need to retrieve the balance information you need and then format the way you need.

PaXcel includes a GL wizard that can be used to load pre-formatted templates to get you started, otherwise you can freewheel using your own Excel skills, basic or advanced.

PaXcel select-n-load allows you to import a batch of transactions directly into Sage 50Cloud Accounting processing journals. Select-n-load can also be used to import single budget GL values for a single period or multiple periods.

To get your trial version then…

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PDiDMS allows the user to scan and retrieve documents and assign them to depositories. Documents can also be moved from an existing folder, if your scanner deposits scanned documents to a network folder.

Create your own user definable locations to hold customer documents, invoice, proof of deliveries, terms of conditions, rental agreements, corporate documents all encrypted and secured in depositories that only certain users and groups can have access to.

Retrieve documents from a single depository using any of the defined fields to limit the documents returned, or search multiple depositories search across common fields.

Upload and retrieve documents from your cloud storage account and even email multiple documents that have been retrieved, queuing from different depositories.

To download your trial version then… 

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Are you looking to capture your time, admin, and expense information?

Do you need the flexibility of using an application within the Windows environment as well as on your mobile device?

Would you like to send that information across to Sage 50cloud Accounting or Palladium?

Do you just need a stand-alone application that doesn’t link directly to any accounting system?

Then try PDi Time and Billing…

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We can create the bridge between your existing systems.

We can also build the app that fits your complete business needs.

From simple reporting, data export / importing, to complete capture systems to data analysis, we can create the system that fits your business requirements.

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We are ready, are you?

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