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PaXcel for Sage Pastel Accounting

We give you the building blocks you do the rest

You have the spreadsheet skills, we have the Sage Pastel knowledge. Putting them together enables you to build the financial, customer, supplier and stock spreadsheets the way you want.

You can create the spreadsheets using the basic, intermediate or advanced Excel skills that you already have and use the PaXcel formulas to retrieve the required balances direct from your Pastel company data or multiple company datasets

PaXcel functions

PaXcel not only reads data, but with Select-n-load journals and budgets can be uploaded back to PaXcel directly from your Excel spreadsheet

“…like to let you know that I think PaXcel is a wonderful tool that has made such a difference to my workload and constructive / effective use of time. I marvel at it’s efficiency every time I open the report, change the period as required, an see the figures being updated right in front of me, ready for printing. With PaXcel one can write just about any report imaginable, which is absolutely amazing!”

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