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Pervasive Data Buffer Errors

Pervasive or Btrieve data stores their data in a long string, Data Definition Files (ddf) (either external or internal) are then used by applications to split this data in their respective fields.

When reading data, if the data string being read is longer than the definition of the file, Pervasive/Btrieve will display an ERROR 22: Data Buffer.

This error within the PDI product range that uses Pervasive/Btrieve is nearly always done to the incorrect version of the application opening a newer data source.

For example, you may have an application developed for Pastel 18 and are now trying to access Pastel 19. Or the data structure has changed between versions, so your application was designed for use with Pastel 18, but you now have version 19 installed. As the data has changed in certain files and is longer, you will need to update to the latest version of the PDI product that matches your data source.

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