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PaXcel toolbar icons not working or toolbar not available

ISSUE: When you click on a PaXcel toolbar icon, nothing happens

ISSUE: After re-installing PaXcel and starting Microsoft Excel the PaXcel toolbar is not available and PaXcel does not appear under the View | Toolbar menu option.

This type of issue may indicate that Microsoft Excel has disabled the add-in for some reason.

Enable disabled items Microsoft Excel 2003 and earlier

To enable or check that PaXcel is not disabled, select Help|About Microsoft Excel and once the about screen has displayed selected the [Disabled Items…] button. A list of disabled add-ins will be displayed. If PaXcel is listed then select the line and press the [Enable] button, this will cause Excel to re-enable the add-in.

Enable disabled items Microsoft Excel 2007 and on

Click on the Microsoft Office button (the round button in the top left-hand corner) and select Excel Options.

Select the [Add-Ins] option

In the drop-down box need the text Manage: select [Disabled Items] and press the [Go] button

A form will now be displayed, giving you access to disabled items. If PaXcel is listed, select it and press the [Enable] button

You may need to restart Microsoft Excel to make sure that PaXcel is loaded on startup.

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