We have created a number of ‘off-the-shelf’ PDI Spirit products. This means you can download a trial, test out the product and purchase without it needing to be customised to fit your requirements. Yes, these tend to function around the Pastel Partner Accounting range. Check out the list below.

PaXcel the Excel link for Pastel

The popular Excel link for Pastel Partner Accounting, that allows you to create dynamic spreadsheets that link directly in to Pastel Partner Accounting

PaXcel the Excel link for Palladium Accounting

The Excel link for Palladium Partner Accounting, that allows you to create dynamic spreadsheets that link directly in to Palladium Accounting Company

PDI CRM for Pastel Partner

The customer, supplier, Inventory, Prospect relationship manager, including Tasks, Activities and sales Opportunities

PDiDMS (Dcoument management system) 

The document management system from PDi Spirit, scan, assign documents to your user-definable depositories. Retrieve and upload to your cloud storage account or email as required.

PDI Time and Billing (TB)

Time and Billing module that can be run stand-alone, integrated directly to Pastel Accounting or Palladium Account. Including a web server interface for remote timesheet entry, optimised for mobile connectivity

PDI Price Import for Sage Pastel Accounting

Import price lists into Sage Pastel Accounting from an Excel spreadsheet. This gives you the ability to update prices direct from supplier recommended pricing.

Outlook link for Pastel Partner Accounting

If you are looking for a seamless connection to your outlook emails and Pastel Partner customer and suppliers then this the product for you.

Email Auto-Responder

Email Auto-Responder your unseen sales person

Icelandic Bank Collection

Create the billing statements and collection files to match the specifications of the Icelandic banks. Links with Pastel Partner open item file and allows for the capture and validation of collection ID’s

Jewel Stock Master

Inventory control, Point of Sale for the Jeweller