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PDI Email Auto Responder

You have a website, and you have customer feed back forms. What happens to those forms when you receive them.

You have requested that contact information, and you have all that potential sales information. You have probably requested email addresses, telephone number, address information.

All that important sales information, what happens when the email arrives, in your In-box, or a colleagues In-box

1.You record them and follow up on them with out failing
2.You record them and follow up once, and then get mixed up in other duties
3.You don’t record them and never follow up on them
4.They just sit in a mail box and are never dealt with

This is where the ‘Auto email responder’ application comes in, it will retrieve emails from accounts that you define and processes the email forms, based on your settings, saving them into a separate table for each type of auto-responder.

For each auto-responder you can define follow-ups and when they happen, for example these may be:-

1.Send a response as soon as the email is received
2.Send a response 5 days after the initial email
3.Send a response 15 days after the initial email
4.Send a response 30 days after the initial email

Each auto-responder can be either full HTML text or plain text, and can be set up to send from any email account as STMP messages, either SSL or non-SSL Mode. This means that you can even set up email auto-responder to access Gmail accounts for retrieving or sending your auto-responder.

Use the auto-responder software as your initial extra sales person, making sure that your website visitor gets at least an initial contact. Then emails at set intervals are sent keeping them informed.

Use the auto-responder software to maintain a mailing list, the user signs up to receive updates, and an initial email is sent informing the user they have signed up to your newsletter. This email can also include the method to unsubscribe from the mailing list, which the auto-responder software can also do. The auto-responder software can also be set up to send emails to the currently selected email list, again this can be in HTML layout or plain, or both.

PDI Auto-responder, runs in the system tray and can check for emails based on a set interval. The process will check the defined email boxes for the emails containing the indicated subjects, retrieve the information contained within the email and store in the required table, then send out any responses that are due to be sent to the records already held within the database

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