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Iceland Bank Collection System

In conjunction with Gunnar Óskarsson and Ávinningur, PDI Spirit developed the Bank Collection system to match the requirements of the Icelandic banking collection system.

Of course the application links with Pastel Partner Accounting and includes the features required to build the payment instructions and collection requests for the Icelandic banks.

The application allows for the validation of ID Numbers and correction of invalid numbers based on the algorithm of the banks. Invalid ID numbers already submitted in claim files can also be adjusted, even if the file has been created.

Retrieve unpaid transactions from Pastel Partner open item file, select items to claim and assign the claim numbers. Print claim documents and assign collection fees, re-print invoices and statements if required.

Generate the required claim file and transfer using your bank software.

As you can see, the application has Icelandic translations, the standard system will run in English, but can be changed to run in Icelandic by selecting the language to use. The translation is external from the application in its own text file, and so specific user adjustments can be made as required.

Versions of the application also allows for the printing of invoice documents, statements and Tax report information. In additional payments can also be retrieved from a banks payment file and transferred to Pastel Partner Accounting for posting via the cash-journal batch.

If you would like more information on this product, please contact the Icelandic distributor directly.

Ávinningur ehf.
Sigurhæð 10
210 Garðabær
Tel: 896-5630


Basic system: Issue claims, print statements
Advanced system: Basic system, plus posting payments
Full system: Including Basic, Full versions, Tax Reports

Ref: pdi278