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PaXcel #Name? reference / moving between users

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NAME? reference / moving between users

If you create a spreadsheet that is going to be moved between users or supplied to a user who does not have a PaXcel license, then you should take the following points and issues into consideration:-

1. On a network, use a PaXcel.xla file on a mapped drive that all users have access to. Use this global PaXcel.xla when creating all spreadsheets.

2. If you open a spreadsheet that shows cells as #NAME? or does not update correctly, check the PaXcel formulas to ensure that the XLA path is not included. Microsoft Excel saves the location of the file that contains the external formulas; if this points to a file that does not exist on your system, then you will normally see the following message box when you first open the spreadsheet.

If you have a valid PaXcel license installed on your machine, then use the [Update] button to locate and change the location of the PaXcel.xla to the one you are using. If you do not have PaXcel installed and licensed on your machine, press the [Don’t Update] button.

Microsoft Excel 2003: If you are using Excel 2003, then you may see the #NAME? reference even if you select the [Dont’ Update]. This is because Excel 2003 will always try and re-calculate the spreadsheet even if you select this function. If this is the case, then before you start, turn the Automatic calculation to Manual (you will need to have a worksheet open). This can be done via Tools|Options and selecting the Calculate tab as below:-

3. Use Excels Find & Replace to remove the PaXcel.xla file location from the formulas. Select this function from the Edit|Replace or Ctrl+H function, and then type the full path of the XLA that you wish to replace and replace it with a blank space. The image below shows an example using the full path as shown in the image above.

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