PaXcel #Name? reference / moving between users

PaXcel #Name? reference / moving between users

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NAME? reference / moving between users

If you create a spreadsheet that is going to be moved between users or supplied to a user who does not have a PaXcel license then you should take the following points and issues in to consideration:-

1. On a network use a PaXcel.xla file that is on a mapped drive that all users have access to. Use this global PaXcel.xla when creating all spreadsheets.

2. If you open a spreadsheet that shows cells as #NAME? or does not update correctly check the PaXcel formulas to ensure that the XLA path is not included. Microsoft Excel saves the location of the file that contains the external formulas, if this points to a file that does not exist on your system then you will normally see the following message box when you first open the spreadsheet.

If you have a valid PaXcel license installed on your machine, then use the [Update] button to locate and change the location of the PaXcel.xla to the one you are using. If you do not have PaXcel installed and licensed on your machine press the [Don’t Update] button.

Microsoft Excel 2003: If you are using Excel 2003 then you may see the #NAME? reference even if you select the [Dont’ Update]. This is because Excel 2003 will always try and re-calculate the spreadsheet even if you select this function. If this is the case, then before you start turn the Automatic calcalution to Manual (you will need to have a worksheet open). This can be done via Tools|Options and selecting the Calculate tab as below:-

3. Use Excels Find & Replace to remove the PaXcel.xla file location from the formulas. Select this function from Edit|Replace or Ctrl+H function and then type the full path of the XLA that you wish to replace and replace it with a blank space. The image below shows an example using the full path as shown in the image above.