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Sage 50c Pastel Partner v19

Sage 50c Pastel Partner

We are ready, are you?

Pastel Partner v19 has been released and at PDi Spirit we have been making sure that your key products are ready to go as well. PDi CRM for Pastel Partner and PaXcel for Pastel Partner have already been updated and are ready to go as well.

If you have a current valid license then either go to the download page from the application about screen or request the latest install from your local dealer.

PDi Time and Billing accounts link for Pastel Partner v19 has also been updated and can be downloaded and installed when Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner has been installed.

If a PDi bespoke development exists within your organiasation, please contact your consultant to arrange an installation date. Our development department normally needs a 5 day lead time to get your application checked and new installation built for use with Sage 50c Pastel Partner.

Our business logic is set-up for quick changes when Sage Pastel release new versions, so you can always be confident that we will be releasing a few days after the official release of Pastel Partner.

Available Downloads