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Sage 50c Pastel Partner v19

Sage 50c Pastel Partner

We are ready, are you?

Pastel Partner v19 has been released and at PDi Spirit we have been making sure that your key products are ready to go as well. PDi CRM for Pastel Partner and PaXcel for Pastel Partner have already been updated and are ready to go as well.

If you have a current valid license then either go to the download page from the application about screen or request the latest install from your local dealer.

PDi Time and Billing accounts link for Pastel Partner v19 has also been updated and can be downloaded and installed when Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner has been installed.

If a PDi bespoke development exists within your organiasation, please contact your consultant to arrange an installation date. Our development department normally needs a 5 day lead time to get your application checked and new installation built for use with Sage 50c Pastel Partner.

Our business logic is set-up for quick changes when Sage Pastel release new versions, so you can always be confident that we will be releasing a few days after the official release of Pastel Partner.

Available Downloads

PDi CRM – Block Customer Wizard

PDi CRM Block customer wizard manages your Sage Pastel Customer credit control. Use the preset rules to block or unblock customer accounts easily. Rules include customers over credit limits, customer within an ageing balance or customers that have used a given percentage of their credit limit.

Customer on the list can then be blocked or unblocked as required. The included customers can also be transferred to the mail-merge module for sending a letter, email or SMS.

View the screen cast below for more information

PDi CRM – SMS Integration

PDi CRM includes the ability to send SMS messages to customers, prospects and suppliers. Individual messages can be sent, via the SMS integration screen.

The PDi CRM mail-merge module also allows for the sending of block SMS messages to a range of customers, prospects and suppliers. Great for notifying customers, prospects of new products or news about your company. Activity/Tasks can also be created from the mail-merge to allow for follow-ups to be completed for the selected contact range.

View the screen cast below for more information

PDi CRM Business Information

PDi CRM – Information Desktop

PDi CRM Business Information gives a graphical view on some basic customer, supplier, inventory and general ledger information.

The customer panel includes the ability to view top x, bottom x pie charts, Sales for the current year by sales code, Monthly sales, customer age analysis and customer category information.

The supplier panel includes the ability to view top x, bottom x pie charts, Purchases by supplier category and supplier monthly purchases.

The inventory panel includes the ability to view top x, bottom x pie charts, Inventory monthly sales, sales by inventory category , sales by inventory group and ageing of inventory by monetary of quantity.

The General Ledger panel includes financial data by category, as well as standard financial ratios.

View the screen cast below for more information on the PDi CRM Business Information Desktops

PDi CRM – Inventory

PDi CRM Inventory module gives access to the Sage Pastel Inventory data. Similar views are available as within Sage Pastel Accounting, with the addition of adding extra detail notes regarding a product (which can be added to the sales opportunity documents), viewing product history and movements from with the desktop area. Additional inventory documents can be linked to the record, these could include product brochure information, full specification documents, images or any document that is linked to the inventory item.

Inventory item description and notes can also be translated into different languages that have been created within PDi CRM. These can then be used on PDi CRM document layouts as required.

View the screen cast below for more information.

PDi CRM – Sales Opportunities

PDi CRM Sales Opportunities module allows for the creation of documents linked to customers or prospects. Assign products, financial codes and remarks and generate sales opportunity documents that can be printed, emailed or viewed.

When the sales opportunity is won, a sales order or customer invoice can be created directly in your Sage Pastel Accounting company data.

View the screen cast below for more information on the Sales Opportunity features.

PDi CRM – Tasks

PDi CRM Tasks – Maintain your tasks/activities for customers, prospects and suppliers all within the PDi CRM Task. Each Task type can be set up to email a group, customer or individual email address or link the activity to a Slack channel for group communication when changes occur.

Use the mobile version of PDi CRM to get access to your Tasks while out of the office

View the screen cast below for more information on PDi CRM Tasks

PDi CRM – Prospects

PDi CRM Prospects – Maintain your potential new customers, create sales opportunities and create follow up tasks. Multiple contacts can be contained and used for SMS messaging and emails.

Once the prospect has been a customer, transfer all the required information directly to Sage Pastel Accounting as a new customer account. All linked information is also transferred, so you can continue with the same tasks and sales opportunities.

View the screen cast below for more information


PDi CRM – Customers

PDi CRM Customers – direct access to your Sage Pastel Accounting customer and contacts all from within PDi CRM. All changes made within PDi CRM are sent straight back to Sage Pastel Accounting. Product sales, customer documents, balances can all be viewed within PDi CRM.

All your customer information can be directly viewed and accessed from the PDi CRM Customer Desktop.

View the screen cast for a walk through of the PDi CRM Customer desktop view.