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5 Ways PDi CRM can benefit your business

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PDi CRM Slack Integration

PDi CRM has built-in Slack integration, that allows for the transferring of Task/Activity messages to a selected channel. is a cloud-based message system, that… Read more

PDi CRM Reports

PDi CRM comes with a number of standard reports, from mailing labels to budget reports for customers by product. All the reports can be customised… Read more

PDi CRM Document Printing

PDi CRM Document printing module allows for the printing of all the Sage Pastel Accounting document types. Create document layouts with multiple lines for each… Read more

PDi CRM Security

PDi CRM Security comes with the standard menu disable/enable policy as you would expect from a Windows application. However, individual form objects can also be… Read more

PDi CRM Toolbar and Favourite Menu

PDi CRM Favourite menu allows commonly used functions to be added to the menu for quick access. The settings are per user, per desktop install,… Read more

PDi CRM Customer product budgets

PDi CRM Customer product budgets can be captured within CRM. Maintain budgets for each customer and products purchased both at the quantity level and sales… Read more

PDi CRM – Customer Pricing

PDi CRM Customer pricing modules allows for the creation of customer specific customer pricing which can then be transferred directly to Sage Pastel Accounting. Create… Read more

PDi CRM – Campaign module

PDi CRM Campaign module allows for the creation of stage and activities to organise all the requirements to market your products or client services. A… Read more

PDi CRM – Block Customer Wizard

PDi CRM Block customer wizard manages your Sage Pastel Customer credit control. Use the preset rules to block or unblock customer accounts easily. Rules include… Read more

PDi CRM – Mail merge

PDi CRM Mail Merge module allows for letters, emails or SMS messages to be sent to a selective list of contacts. The contacts can be… Read more

PDi CRM – SMS Integration

PDi CRM includes the ability to send SMS messages to customers, prospects and suppliers. Individual messages can be sent, via the SMS integration screen. The… Read more

PDi CRM – Information Desktop

PDi CRM Business Information gives a graphical view on some basic customer, supplier, inventory and general ledger information. The customer panel includes the ability to… Read more

PDi CRM – Inventory

PDi CRM Inventory module gives access to the Sage Pastel Inventory data. Similar views are available as within Sage Pastel Accounting, with the addition of… Read more

PDi CRM – Mobile

PDi CRM Mobile module gives you a web-server that runs within your own organisation. Access your customer, prospect information directly from your mobile device. View… Read more

PDi CRM – Sales Opportunities

PDi CRM Sales Opportunities module allows for the creation of documents linked to customers or prospects. Assign products, financial codes and remarks and generate sales… Read more

PDi CRM – Tasks

PDi CRM Tasks – Maintain your tasks/activities for customers, prospects and suppliers all within the PDi CRM Task. Each Task type can be set up… Read more

PDi CRM – Prospects

PDi CRM Prospects – Maintain your potential new customers, create sales opportunities and create follow up tasks. Multiple contacts can be contained and used for… Read more

PDi CRM – Customers

PDi CRM Customers – direct access to your Sage Pastel Accounting customer and contacts all from within PDi CRM. All changes made within PDi CRM… Read more

PDi CRM – Tags

PDi CRM – Tags can be thought of as creating multiple customer categories and assigning them to customers. Sage Pastel Accounting allows only one customer… Read more

Sales Order procurement documents

PDi CRM Open Sales Order module, gives access to a list of sales orders within Sage Pastel Accounting. Apart from just viewing the sales orders,… Read more

Generate Procurement Documents

PDi CRM has the ability to generate Request for Quote (RFQ) and Purchase Order documents directly from a sales opportunity. This function is ideal if… Read more

PDi CRM – Data View

Extracting data needs to be responsive. As part of your sales data, you may always want to see quantity of items sold, total costs, total… Read more

CRM – Setup Guide

PDF documentation on the initial set up of CRM (v4) for Pastel Accounting CRM Version 4 – Component installation, process and screen shots CRM Version… Read more

PDi CRM for Sage Pastel Accounting – Login and Initial Setup

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PDi CRM for Sage Pastel Accounting – Installation

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