PaXcel Download

PDI Download appTo download and install the latest version and 30 day trial, of PaXcel please follow these steps:

1. Download the relevant file below.

2. After downloading the relevant file, please execute the file to extract its contents.

3. Please remember, PaXcel must be installed on a computer on which Pervasive – Sage 50cloud Accounting underlying database engine – is already installed. The easiest way to ensure that this is the case, is to first make sure that Pastel is installed on the computer on which you wish to install PaXcel.

4. Thereafter, run the setup file from the extracted file folder. (Default = c:pdispirit)

5. Also, please note that the manual for PaXcel is an Adobe Acrobat format (pdf file) and thus to be able to view the manual successfully you will need to download a copy of Adobe Acrobat should you not already have a copy installed.

6. The balance of the installation of PaXcel, and details on how to enable the add-in in Excel is contained in the manual. Please follow the steps contained therein.

Please make sure that you download the correct version to match your Pastel Sage 50cloud Accounting data.

Download “PaXcel for Sage 50cloud Accounting (Pastel Partner / Xpress) v19 (” setuppaxcel19004.exe –

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