PaXcel for Palladium Download

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To download and install the latest version and 30 day trial of PaXcel for Palladium, please follow the following steps:

1. Download the relevant file below.
2. After downloading the relevant file, please execute the file to extract its contents.
Please remember, PaXcel must be installed on a computer on which has the MSSQL Client installed
Thereafter, run the setup file from the extracted file folder. (Default = c:pdispirit)
Also, please note that the manual for PaXcel is an Adobe Acrobat format (pdf file), and thus to be able to view the manual successfully, you will need to download a copy of Adobe Acrobat should you not already have a copy installed.
The balance of the installation of PaXcel and details on how to enable the add-in in Excel is contained in the manual, please follow the steps contained therein.

Full list of available downloads

Download “PaXcel for Palladium” setuppalpaxcel1002.exe –