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Sales Order procurement documents

PDi CRM Open Sales Order module gives access to a list of sales orders within Sage Pastel Accounting. Apart from just viewing the sales orders, this screen also gives the ability to generate Request for Quotes (RFQ) and purchase orders for either a single or multiple suppliers.

Request for quotes can be generated against multiple suppliers, giving the option to print, view, or email the request to the select supplier. If purchase orders are created from the sales, then these are created directly within the Sage Pastel Accounting company data to be used for receiving or linking to a supplier invoice.

View the screencast below for more information and a quick walkthrough of the module


Generate Procurement Documents

PDi CRM has the ability to generate Request for Quote (RFQ) and Purchase Order documents directly from a sales opportunity.

This function is ideal if you are using a back-to-back ordering method, the RFQs can be generated against multiple suppliers and then generate the purchase order for the single supplier or multiple suppliers that the items for this sale will be purchased from once the sales opportunity is at that stage. As with all PDi CRM functionality, the purchase order documents are created directly within Sage Pastel Accounting to be GRN’d and/or supplier invoices raised when the goods are received.

As well to creating RFQs and purchase orders within the PDi CRM Sales Opportunity module, there is also a function to generate the documents against open Sales orders that are already captured within Sage Pastel Accounting.

View the screencast below for more information on the process.