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PDi CRM Slack Integration

PDi CRM Slack Integration

PDi CRM Slack IntegrationPDi CRM has built-in Slack integration, that allows for the transferring of Task/Activity messages to a selected channel. is a cloud-based message system, that allows for the creating of public and private channels. Members can then be assigned to each channel.

Messages sent to a slack channel, can be accessed via a web browser or using the mobile application supplied by Slack. Members can then receive alerts, messages and action them while they are out of the office.

View the screen cast below for a brief guide to the available functions

PDi CRM Reports

PDi CRM comes with a number of standard reports, from mailing labels to budget reports for customers by product.

All the reports can be customised to fit your companies specific requirements. In addition to the standard reports, PDi CRM comes with a built-in forms designer that allows for the modification of the existing reports and creation of your own user reports.

User defined reports can be added to the user report menu / report desktop  module within PDi CRM. The defined reports can be global to all users or set to individual reports. Reports can also be scheduled to run at a certain time.

View the screen cast below to see a few examples of the built-in and user reports

PDi CRM Documents

PDi CRM Document Printing

PDi CRM DocumentsPDi CRM Document printing module allows for the printing of all the Sage Pastel Accounting document types.

Create document layouts with multiple lines for each document line, include images, pictures, inventory notes (from the inventory module).

Define documents using the language code assigned to a customer account. Include report designed with multiple layouts. Multiple layouts allows for the creation of the main document (e.g. the invoice layout), then perhaps a terms of condition document, a picking slip etc. A sales quotation might include the quote, terms of condition, a letter with the details and a signature document to confirm receipt of terms and quotations, all the reports are then generate as a complete report pack

View the screen cast below for a brief walk through of the document printing module

PDi CRM Security

PDi CRM Security

PDi CRM SecurityPDi CRM Security comes with the standard menu disable/enable policy as you would expect from a Windows application. However, individual form objects can also be assigned to policies to disable or hide.

A customer postal address / contact details can be disabled from certain users being able to update. Individual grid columns can also be hidden, to allow for certain sensitive information such as profit, gross profit from being viewed by users, just as an example.

The screen cast below gives a brief guide through on creating menu policies and form object policies.

PDi CRM Favourite menu

PDi CRM Toolbar and Favourite Menu

PDi CRM Favourite menuPDi CRM Favourite menu allows commonly used functions to be added to the menu for quick access. The settings are per user, per desktop install, the application toolbar can also be customised to add quick access to commonly used functions.

Place the functions into the favourite menu or on to the toolbar to give the user a quick access to the PDi CRM functions that they use on a regular basis.

View the screen cast below for a brief walk through of the function

PDi CRM Customer Product Budget

PDi CRM Customer product budgets

PDi CRM Customer Product BudgetPDi CRM Customer product budgets can be captured within CRM. Maintain budgets for each customer and products purchased both at the quantity level and sales value.

Budget -v- Actuals reports can be generated by customer, sales rep and customer, inventory category as required.

Actual values are loaded from Sage Pastel Accounting at the time of maintaining or setting budgets. PDi CRM also comes with an external component that can update your actual values once a day at a required time.

View the screen cast below for a guided tour

PDi CRM Customer Pricing

PDi CRM – Customer Pricing

PDi CRM Customer PricingPDi CRM Customer pricing modules allows for the creation of customer specific customer pricing which can then be transferred directly to Sage Pastel Accounting.

Create customer discount levels and assign to customers, then create product specific pricing based on the customer discount level and inventory category and discount percentage.

Pricing can also be created for individual customers or the customer Pastel categories. Pricing can be created at different levels and then create the final price to transfer to Sage Pastels customer specific pricing module.

View the screen cast below for a simple walk through

PDi CRM Campaign

PDi CRM – Campaign module

PDi CRM CampaignPDi CRM Campaign module allows for the creation of stage and activities to organise all the requirements to market your products or client services. A campaign could be a simple stage and activity such as a customer/client survey, containing the customer/clients to contact and the questions to ask. Or a more involved multi-stage campaign, that includes the control of creating copy, digital marketing, meetings, strategy meetings to the final stage of sending out information to selected or all customer/clients and prospects and then follow up calls to create sales opportunities for the products being marketed.

Once a campaign is complete, and all actual figures captured against budgets, statistical reports can be generated with the responses, graphs and budget -v- actual values.

View the screen cast below for a brief walk-through of the PDi CRM Campaign module

PDi CRM – Block Customer Wizard

PDi CRM Block customer wizard manages your Sage Pastel Customer credit control. Use the preset rules to block or unblock customer accounts easily. Rules include customers over credit limits, customer within an ageing balance or customers that have used a given percentage of their credit limit.

Customer on the list can then be blocked or unblocked as required. The included customers can also be transferred to the mail-merge module for sending a letter, email or SMS.

View the screen cast below for more information