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Price Importer for Pastel Partner Accounting

Do you receive price lists from your suppliers with the current retail pricing?

Do you have to go through price lists and remove all the items that you do not sell, before importing?

Do you then have to create the Pastel import file layout to update your pricing?

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, then PDI Price Importer is a product that should be on your desktop.

PDI Price Importer allows you to import prices from either a CSV or Excel spreadsheet. But, the best function is the ability to skip over products that you do not carry. Of course you can have PDI Price Importer validate the stock codes and abort the price import if any are missing.

Advanced price importer allows you to import prices directly in to Pastel Partner Accounting. You can create price lists in two different files formats, either CSV (Comma separated value) or Excel spreadsheet format.

PDI Price Importer for Pastel Partner is designed for those that receive regular retail price updates from suppliers, or those that have to update prices on an ongoing basis.

The first step is to select your Pastel company data location and the file format that you wish to import. Then there are three options.

1.Validate Inventory Codes – if this is ticked then the routine will validate that each inventory code exists in Pastel. Any found not to exist during the import process will cause the whole import to be aborted. If your price import file contains inventory items that you may not sell then leave this un-ticked.

2.If Importing price is zero then set price to zero – if this is ticked then the routine will set the price in Pastel to zero. If it is left un-ticked then the price that is already in Pastel is left as- is.

3.Import pricing as Future Pricing – if this is ticked then the prices will be imported as future pricing. Allowing you to switch at a later stage.

As the routine is wizard driven you simply click [Next] to import the file and display the results in a confirmation screen. If you are happy then click [Update Price] to write the information in to Pastel Partner Accounting.

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