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PDi CRM – Customers

PDi CRM Customers – direct access to your Sage Pastel Accounting customer and contacts all from within PDi CRM. All changes made within PDi CRM are sent straight back to Sage Pastel Accounting. Product sales, customer documents, balances can all be viewed within PDi CRM.

All your customer information can be directly viewed and accessed from the PDi CRM Customer Desktop.

View the screen cast for a walk through of the PDi CRM Customer desktop view.


PDi CRM – Tags

PDi CRM – Tags can be thought of as creating multiple customer categories and assigning them to customers. Sage Pastel Accounting allows only one customer category to be assigned, with PDi CRM Tags unlimited tags can be defined, tags can be assigned manually to individual customers, prospects and suppliers. They can also be assigned based on sales figures by date or products purchased.

As an example, we could list all customers that purchased a certain or range of products within a given period, tag them with a new category and then send a targeted email to those customers using that new tag informing them of a new special event or product being launched. This being just one of many uses that PDi CRM tags can be used for to manage and extract information from your customers, prospects or suppliers.

View the following screen cast to get more information on the PDI CRM Tag function


Sales Order procurement documents

PDi CRM Open Sales Order module, gives access to a list of sales orders within Sage Pastel Accounting. Apart from just viewing the sales orders, this screen also gives the ability to generate Request for Quotes (RFQ) and purchase orders for either a single or multiple suppliers.

Request for quotes can be generated against multiple suppliers, giving the option to print, view or email the request to the select supplier. If purchase orders are created from the sales, then these are created directly within the Sage Pastel Accounting company data so that they can be used for receiving or linking to a supplier invoice.

View the screen cast below for more information and a quick-walk through of the module